The 5 Best Gifts for Dogs

*Updated May 3, 2017 to include some additional gifts

Are you one of the people in this world who appreciate our canine companions, and truly believe that dogs are man’s best friend? Do you have one or more special dogs in your life that you enjoy pampering regularly so that they feel loved and the two of you can bond? If so, then you should consider these five fantastic gift choices that any dog is sure to appreciate.

1.  Dog Bed

Get a comfortable dog bed for your buddy to relax on. You can even consider a cool dog bed from You can personalize (or shall we say “dogize”? haha!) these beds with pictures of your pooch.

2. Travel Seat

Many dogs love to go for rides with their owners and friends. However, if an animal is not secured and the vehicle is involved in a collision the beloved pet is likely to be harmed. Rather than sticking them in a crate or carrying device, they can be secured through travel seats made especially for dogs that are designed to work with the existing seatbelt system in vehicles.

3. Bag of Bones

Dogs of all ages love to chew on bones and you will be the star of their world by giving a dog a gift of bones. You can ask the butcher at your local supermarket or butcher shop about the best time to buy them.
Beef bones are great for satisfying their craving to chew and provide extra calcium and trace minerals that help to maintain their health. Just be careful that the bones are not dangerous in any way for your dog, in terms of the material they are made of etc., and make sure they do not have any sharp edges.

4. Soft Plush Toy

Most dogs enjoy having small, soft toys that they can gently gnaw on and carry around throughout the day. These are different than chew toys and provide the dog a source of comfort.

The best way to make certain that the gift is safe is to purchase a plushie designed especially for dogs. You can find these in the pet section of most stores. Alternatively, you can find a doll that is safe for children under the age of three. These will not have pieces that could come off and harm the animal.

5. Water Fountain

Animals require fresh water all of the time. You can help you canine friend to have delicious water whenever thirst strikes. Water dishes have to be refilled frequently and are easily knocked over. There are several brands of water fountains for dogs that provide a filter and motion for the water, helping to maintain the fresh delicious flavor!

Some More Ideas

If you don’t like any of the five ideas above, or are looking for some more terrific gifts, here are a few more for you. One of the newer trends is to put on a dog activity monitor on Fido – such as the Pitpat. These tiny devices it on your dog’s collar, and measure the level of activity your dog has every day  — it’s a great way to keep Fido healthy and happy! Another great gift for your pooch is the ability to find him or her if lost – there are several location trackers such as the Whistle, or the Garmin Alpha TT15 which is more high end. Other fun ideas include toys that will keep your dog happy for hours, such as while playing self-fetching games with toys like the iFetch.

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