Dog Lovers

Maybe you are a die-hard dog fan yourself. Or you know someone who is absolutely crazy about their four-legged family member. For a person like that, a gift that has something to with a dog is pretty much the best thing you can give them. But these things are not necessarily easy to find. So we have put together a list of the top3 gifts we have picked for such a person in your life. Or hey, if you are one of those yourself, maybe one of these items is a gift you can give yourself for a special occasion – after all, there’s no rule against pampering yourself from time to time!

Doggie Shower Curtain:

A generic dog-related gift is fine, but a personalized gift that is based on your own dog is over the top. You can actually take a favorite photo of the dog, and put it on a shower curtain. Can you begin to imagine how delighted the recipient of the gift would be? You can easily create one of these unique shower curtains, starting at around $67. All you need is a nice photo of the dog.

Dog Shower Curtain


Now that’s one gift that will be seen and appreciated every single day!

Bad Dog Wisdom Tumblers:

This set of glasses is put a smile on anyone’s face. The glasses have little cartoons of dogs with snippets of wisdom that we can all gain from. These witty statements show a few of the things that we humans can learn from naughty dogs. You can get a set of four of these tumblers from uncommon goods for $35.

Car Seat Saver:

You know it. Dog lovers want to take their dogs EVERYWHERE. So the dogs have to get into the car. And sometimes when they do, like after a trip to the beach, they are not particularly squeaky clean. Now most ardent dog fans don’t really mind, but let’s face it – they don’t particularly love getting their cars trashed either. So that’s where the car seat saver comes in. It’s a hammock like attachment that’s easy to put in and take out. Also, it’s made of sturdy materials, and which can take a lot of wear and tear. It leaves your car relatively untouched. So what dog owner is not going to love this gift?

So those were just three suggestions. If you have some of your own, do add them in the comments. And of course, you can always give the dog gifts instead!

Dog Lovers

When it comes to pets, there are a huge number of options out there. People often have incredibly interesting and varied kinds of pets. One can find rodents, such as mice, rats, hamster, and gerbils. One can also find more exotic animals, such as parrots and ferrets. However, one of the most popular pets in the United States is the dog.

It’s no wonder, given how fantastic a good dog can be. They give you love and affection, they give you a reason to get up in the morning and a reason to go home every night. They think you’re the greatest person in the world, and all you have to do is feed them and play with them. It’s like having the world’s greatest friend, especially because they don’t talk so they can’t say dumb stuff to make you angry.

However, just because dogs are great pets doesn’t mean every person who has a dog is a true dog lover. Being a true dog lover means you go above and beyond when it comes to how much you love dogs. It’s not enough just to have a pet dog. Anyone can love their own dog, after all.

If you want to know whether or not you’re a true dog lover, you can always look for these signs:

Do you go out of your way to say hello to every dog you pass on the street? What about to the point where you ignore the human who’s with them? That’s often a sign of a true dog lover!

When you go to a party at someone’s house, where do you find yourself spending time? Do you find a way to chat with all the people? Or are you the kind of person who finds yourself making friends with the dog? While that’s sometimes a sign of an introvert, it can also be the sign of a true dog lover.

And of course, if you’re the kind of person who has multiple dogs, that may also be a sign. Just having one dog as a pet is fairly mundane. But if you have three or more dogs, then chances are, you’re a true dog lover!

Dogs really are great pets, and there’s no reason you shouldn’t love them to death. In fact, if you’re not already doing so, you might as well go out and play with a dog. It will make you and the dog a lot happier!